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  • Advantages of a Wooden Garage with Carport

    Carports, as well as garages, each have their own set of advantages. A carport is basically a roof to protect your car against rain, hail, snow, dirt, pollen, dust, dew or anything else that might come from above like birds faeces, leaves or branches of trees during storms. Scraping ice or snow from your car’s windows while balancing on a slippery, icy ground will be but a fading memory of the not so pleasant kind, as soon as you will have got your car under a carport.

    Collecting shopping bags from out of your car during the pouring rain won’t be a hasty little nightmare like it was before any more.

    Some carports offer extra much space, and even double carports are becoming increasingly popular nowadays when not only families need two cars for both parents commuting to their respective jobs every day, but nearly every child makes his or her drivers license as soon as possible and will want to own a car very soon after.

    So anybody offering a dry and safe place for a car thus protecting the investment and prolonging its life expectancy is welcome, and that is why manufacturers of garages – especially timber garages –  and wooden carports are experiencing a boom for these products, offering all these advantages, and drastically reducing the profits of car wash companies.

    Wooden garage with a wooden carport – combining the best of two worlds

    One of the great advantages of a carport is that while it protects your car and yourself from the weather, at the same time it allows for the necessary ventilation. Of course, without any walls and nothing but the fresh air around your car, condensation or moisture will be no matter of concern for you.

    A carport represents the most added value to your lifestyle and the full prolongation of your car’s life-span at costs that relate to the material built into it. And that means, of course, that it is an investment with a very high value-to-cost ratio.

    So why would anybody buy a garage after all?

    As a matter of fact, in most cases the protection from the weather is not the main reason for the decision in favour of a garage, but the locking capability. Garages are meant to store things safely like winter tyres, motor oil, petrol, tools, cleaning tools, or even other things completely unrelated to the car like bicycles, gardening tools, toys for outside, or garden furniture. All these things need a safe and dry place to stay, and for households that don’t boast a summerhouse or a garden storage shed, the garage is the place to keep all the things they want to store safely, but not in the house itself.

    Combining these two approaches of a carport with a garage is the logical thing to do, and if you follow that line of reasoning, you could dig into the internet and choose one of these newly offered combinations of a wooden garage and a carport under the same roof.

    Combining a wooden garage and a carport under the same roof has some extra advantages

    As for example, carports are often complemented with a wooden weather protection wall at the weather side of the building to protect the car from rain coming in sideways from the direction the wind usually comes from. If you decide for a combination of a garage with a carport, you will, of course, plant the building in a way, that the open carport will be at the “sunny side” away from the wind and thus, the car under it will be protected from the weather by the garage.

    All of our garage with carport combinations have the option to be erected in two mirror-symmetric variants so that you can freely choose which side to put to the weather and which one to use as the entry to drive in.

    Costs, compared to two single buildings will be reduced. You will have a carport roof which is not in need of one of the rows of posts supporting it because it will be supported by the wall of the garage. Saving building material will, of course, reflect in the prices. A combination like this will always have a lower price than a single carport plus a single garage, or a single garden shed of comparable size and quality.

    The same synergistic effect can be observed with the roof. It is surely cheaper to build just one roof for the two units than building one roof for each of them.

    Another synergistic effect is in the usage. If you decide to use your wooden garage with carport for two cars, then, of course, you can safely lock up everything for both cars in the garage. If you happen to just need a weather protected parking lot for one car and on the other side have plans for a hobby room, a garden shed or a workshop, then the garage will provide the much-needed space, and be a perfect addition to your household and your lifestyle.

    The ways of making use of such a versatile building are nearly indefinite. Bicycles, motorcycles, a boat, sports equipment, garden furniture, tools, materials, old furniture can be stored away dry and safe with the accessories for the car, and the car itself, well protected from above, safely locked, and well ventilated has an optimal place to stay under the carport.

    Of course, the extra wall under the roof of the carport will be home to many things that can be hung up there like the garden hose, a hanging cabinet, or some nice motion detector controlled lights to give you some sight when you come home at night or some safety for your car, when you are asleep.

    If you shy away from the “big” investment, a wooden carport with a storage shed might be a convenient alternative

    If you are convinced about the advantages of a carport, but you don’t need the space to park a second car, or you are looking for an even more inexpensive solution, then a carport with a  storage shed under the same roof might be your best alternative.

    This offers all the advantages of the garage plus carport combination only that the storage shed is smaller. It will provide the wall at the weather side, it will be a very affordable, lockable, dry storage facility, even a place for a small workshop, but it won’t be big enough to be home to another car.

    If you have a look at our portfolio of wooden garages, wooden carports, and their combinations, you will surely find some buildings to convince you from the practical as well as from the aesthetic and monetary points of view.

    A wooden combination of garage with carport is the best choice

    One last remark about the material: This article is about wooden garages with wooden carports. Metal garages, or those ready-built from concrete seem to be an inexpensive alternative to wooden garages, but they are not. Aside from the aesthetic aspect of the look of these buildings, a steel garage or a concrete garage don’t provide the same features of balancing temperature and moisture the way wooden buildings can, and wooden garages are proven to not have the problems with condensation that make a constant electrical ventilation necessary in metal garages or those made of concrete.

    Moreover, if you own such a versatile building like a combined wooden garage with carport, you want to be able to easily make it your own and adapt it to your own needs. So attaching hooks or shelves to the wall, installing lights or wall mounted cabinets, or whatever you have in mind is no problem because wood is the material of choice for any DIY experienced owner.

    Why don’t you just now have a look at our portfolio of wooden garages with a carports , expand the lifespan of your car, and gain room to live in, and make your own with such a versatile and inexpensive combination!

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