Five Ways to Avoid Buying the Wrong Garden House


Are you considering buying a garden home? The right garden home can add plenty of value to a house while offering additional storage and space for various activities.

This article will discuss five things you need to consider before purchasing your garden house to ensure you get the right one for your needs.

What Are The Benefits of Buying the Right Garden House?

For starters, if you choose the right garden house, your brand-new garden rooms can offer fun, space, and storage across every season.

Need to store some children’s presents for Christmas? No problem. Need a specific workspace with additional facilities? A garden summer house can fit those requirements and more.

Our garden houses are made with high-quality materials to ensure anything is possible with your brand-new garden project.

What Are The Potential Issues of Buying The Wrong Garden Building?

However, purchasing a garden house that doesn’t work for your home can be a complete disaster. You might not notice when it is first delivered, but a visit from a friend or family member might highlight why the garden house is not what you were hoping for, and then replacing it can be very expensive!

How to Avoid Buying the Wrong Garden House

Pick The Right Size

What size you choose depends entirely on what you plan to use your garden house for. If you plan on working in there to help advance your career, you will need enough space for a table and chair at the very least, whereas if you plan on using it for storage, you won’t need that much space. If you want to create your own home sauna, you will need to consider where you will change and a range of other questions. These details must be considered before purchase.

Select The Right Wall Thickness

Next, consider wall thickness. It is no secret that the weather in England is not always nice. One week it can be warm, the next, freezing! If you plan on using your garden house all year round, you need a wall thickness that suits the hot and cold weather.

Almost all of our garden home styles are made with either 44mm or 70mm wall thickness, regardless of whether it is a traditional or contemporary design.

Choose Windows And Doors That Work For You

Glass is often an aspect that many people forget to consider, but it makes a significant difference.

Consider how much natural light you want to receive in your home based on what purpose you have for your garden house.

All of our garden homes come with double glazing as standard to ensure you are not left feeling cold while trying to have a relaxing Sunday morning.

Pick The Right Roof

You should put just as much consideration into your roof as every other aspect of your garden building.

Here are the three most common roof styles to consider@

The Flat Roof

Contains a small slant for rainwater runoff but gives you a modern look and feel.

The Saddle Roof

Two slopes meet in the middle and offer additional space in the rafters.

The Pent Roof

Excellent for adding solar panels, but be prepared to pay, as they don’t come cheap!

Assemble it Correctly

Even if you have chosen the perfect garden house, if you can’t install it properly, you are going to have problems.

Even a person with plenty of DIY experience might struggle to join the walls, doors, and roof correctly, which is why we provide you with the option of using our team of experts.

Final Thoughts on Picking the Perfect Garden Room

Please drop in at one of our showrooms and view our range of garden houses in person.

You can find directions to our Devon location here.