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  • SKU G0178

    Wooden Garage A with Double Doors / 44mm / 3 x 5,5 m

    298x553 cm
  • SKU G0307

    Wooden Carport Henley XL 6 x 5 m

    645x510 cm
  • SKU G0189

    Modern Double Wooden Garage F with Up and Over Doors / 70mm / 6 x 7 m

    710x575 cm
  • SKU G0188

    Modern Double Wooden Garage F with Flat Roof / 44mm / 6 x 6 m

    573x553 cm
  • SKU G0192

    Garage and Carport Combination Type H / 44mm / 6 x 6 m

    328x553 cm
  • SKU G0185

    Wooden Garage D with up and over garage door / 70mm / 4,5 x 5,5 m

    448x553 cm
  • SKU G0182

    Large Wooden Garage Hansa B with Double Doors / 44mm / 4,5 x 5,5 m

    553x448 cm
  • SKU G0080

    Wooden Carport Arthur with Tool Shed 21m² / 70mm / 3,5 x 7 m

    678x328 cm
  • SKU G0306

    Wooden Carport Henley 3,7 x 5 m

    375x510 cm
  • SKU G0180

    Modern Wooden Garage C with Double Doors / 44mm / 3 x 5,5 m

    328x553 cm
  • SKU G0193

    Wooden Garage with Carport Type H / 70mm / 6 x 7 m

    328x553 cm
  • SKU G0190

    Garage and Carport Combination Type G / 44mm / 6 x 6 m

    328x553 cm
  • SKU G0187

    Wooden Double Garage E with Up and Over Doors / 70mm / 5,5 x 7 m

    573x553 cm
  • SKU G0186

    Wooden Double Garage E with Double Doors / 44mm / 5,5 x 5,7 m

    573x553 cm
  • SKU G0344

    Wooden Garage J / 70 mm / 6 x 5m

    513x598 cm
  • SKU G0343

    Wooden Garage with Storage Room / Model Q / 70mm / 6 x 6,5m

    648x598 cm
  • SKU G0191

    Wooden Garage with Carport Type G / 70mm / 6 x 7 m

    398x553 cm
  • SKU G0184

    Large Timber Garage D with Double Doors / 44mm / 4,5 x 5,5 m

    448x553 cm
  • SKU G0183

    Large Log Garage B with Up and Over Door / 70mm / 4,5 x 5,5 m

    448x553 cm
  • SKU G0181

    Wooden Garage C with Up and Over Door / 70mm / 4 x 5.5m

    298x553 cm
  • SKU G0179

    Wooden Garage A with Up and Over Door / 70mm / 4 x 5.5m

    398x553 cm

Best Timber Carports, Double Garages, Wooden Garages UK

Our timber garages and carports are affordable, DIY log cabins with modern designs and a high-quality finish. If you’re looking for the most convenient house garages for sale and the best timber garages UK has to offer you’ve come to the right place. There is no easier way to build your own timber garage or wooden double garage other than purchasing one of our timber frame carport kits.

All of our wooden garages used to have 44mm wall thickness, but within the last 6 months, we have upgraded many of our products to 70mm walls. The 70mm wall models are much more solid and sturdy, and also a bit more expensive. Constructed from sturdy wall planks, impregnated foundation beams, double glazed windows, metal storm braces, strengthening metal rods, roof boards, roofing felt, screws, nails, and metal fixings, timber frame carport kit also comes with included assembly instructions. Our products can easily be assembled within two to four days without hiring professionals.

Benefits of a wooden car garage

Safe environment for your vehicles

Timber framed garages are popular products that come with plenty of benefits. First and foremost, wooden garages provide a favourable indoor climate. These durable structures are made completely out of timber, which has some advantages over steel, concrete, and stone. Timber is a natural material with unique properties, it is a breathable material, light, yet incredibly sturdy.

In addition to that, wood is a great insulator. Timber can absorb the humidity from the air, thus regulating the levels of humidity and maintaining a safe environment for your vehicles. Why is this so important? Because dampness and condensation are major threats in garages that are built using non-breathable materials, but not in timber framed garages. If you’re worried about condensation and the problems that follow, you’ll be happy to learn that condensation is never an issue in our wooden garages and carports.

Quick assembly

Another notable benefit of timber garages is the quick assembly. A timber frame carport kit can be assembled in a matter of days by just to people with some DIY experience. The whole process is straightforward – all you have to do is to order your wooden carport kit online, wait for it to arrive, and assemble it in your backyard. You can even opt for our assembly services and our team of experts will have your timber frame carport kit ready in one or two days.

Aesthetically pleasing

A wooden garage and carport aren’t just easy to assemble, it also provides a pleasant picture. A timber carport kit will fit your garden perfectly and harmonize with your main house. Timber is a natural building material that looks perfect in any natural environment, even a front garden. Our timber framed garages, whether we’re talking about a small or a large wooden garage, come in many different styles from traditional and rustic to contemporary and minimalistic. In addition to that, wood can be painted in any colour and can blend into the broader view.

Lots of options to choose from

We offer a wide range of wooden garages for sale in our online shop and our cabin display sites in Devon and Leeds. Whether you’re looking for an open wooden carport, a wooden garage with double doors, a large wooden garage, a garage and carport combination, a garage with up and over door, or a wooden garage with a storage room, we can help you find it. Double garages can alternatively be provided with double doors or with up and over doors giving you the choice of what fits your needs best functionally and stylistically.

You can choose between double garage doors or ‘up & over’ garage doors. Classic standard double doors are more affordable and easier to install, especially if you plan on assembling the kit yourself. ‘Up & over doors, on the other hand, are more user friendly and match the modern look. You can add a motor to the doors to make them self-opening and closing by using a remote control, so there are remote systems that can be operated from inside the car for both options.

You can change features such as wall thickness, windows, and doors and choose the options that are more convenient for you. These changes can be made during installation without the need to make remarks or changes when ordering.

Our smallest timber frame garages (type A and C) are 3m wide and 5,5m long. This means that even if you are driving an Audi Q7, you’ll have plenty of space for your vehicle and there will still be some space on the sides and rear end for storing your garden tools and other belongings. Type A comes with an apex roof and Type C with our bestselling Hansa flat roof.

B and D wooden car garages are 4,5m wide, so taking into consideration, that the average car is 2m wide, you can get a good idea of how much extra space you will get for storage purposes. This type of wooden garage allows you to set up a small DIY workshop in the corner of your garage. Timber Garage B has a classic apex roof and Garage D comes with a modern-looking flat roof.

Wooden double garages (type E & F) are mostly used as a safe haven for two cars, but could also make a great combination of a garage and large DIY workshop or even a garage + man cave in one log cabin! The E Type of double garage comes with a classic apex roof and an F type with a flat roof.

G and H models are a wooden garage and carport combined in one DIY log cabin. Standard models have the garage on the right-hand side and carport on the left, but you can swap locations and install it the other way around if required. Whether you use the carport area for a car or setting up a cosy outdoor recreational area depends on you.

Most of our timber carport kits are in combination with spacious 5-7 m² sheds to take care of your beloved car and have a place to store your garden equipment or use it as a workshop. Timber carport kits are a smart solution to save precious space in your home, garden, to save money in the long run.

What is a timber garage?

A timber garage has a frame that’s made up of timber-clad posts and beams.  The Summerhouse24 Hansa timber frame garages are available as prefabricated kits or bespoke wooden cabins. Timber garages are a better option than those made of other materials thanks to their natural aesthetic, quick installation, and durability.

How long do wooden garages last?

“How long will a wooden garage last?’ is a very common question among our clients and they are happy to learn that our timber-frame garages and carports are made of slow-grown Nordic spruce, which is the best material in terms of resistance and price. In addition to that, our wooden carport kits are designed by experts, so we don’t waste any materials. Our production process is 100% optimized allowing us to offer high-quality wooden carport kits and garages. Each garden garage has thick 44mm or 70mm walls so, with proper care, a Nordic-quality wooden garden garage, be it a small or a large wooden garage will last for decades. A five-year guarantee applies to all of our products.

How to build a wooden garage?

Wondering how to build a wooden carport? Building a wooden garden garage consists of several important steps. First, you need to assess the available space, measure it, clear it, and level it. An important part of the assembly of a wooden carport kit is the foundation. The best foundation for a timber garage is a flat and stable concrete foundation.

There are many suitable bases for wooden car garages, but paving slabss and concrete are the most popular choices among our UK customers. Making a concrete base is a costly and time-consuming process, but this type of cabin base is stable, long-lasting and probably the best possible base for a wooden garage as it suits any size and type of outbuilding. Paving slabs are a good base for wooden garages and carports. They are easy to built, affordable, and don’t involve as much work as concrete slabs. Another advantage of paving slabs is their aesthetic value and the fact that they can easily be extended or removed altogether if you don’t need them anymore.

Not sure how to build a base for your wooden garage and carport? The Summerhouse24 assembly team can take care of the base, installation of the timber frame carport kit, insulation as well as certified electrical works.

Do you need planning permission for a timber garage?

According to the UK planning laws, timber garages are considered ‘outbuildings’ alongside garden sheds, greenhouses, and other similar structures. In general, planning permission for wooden car garages varies from one property to another.

In general, ‘outbuildings’ belong to the category ‘permitted developments’. This means that no planning permission is required for a wooden garage as long as it follows a few rules:

  • It doesn’t take up more than 50% of your garden or the total area of land surrounding the main property.
  • It is not built further forward of the main elevation than the main house.
  • It will not be used as a permanent living space.
  • It is a single-storey structure without balconies, raised verandas, or raised platforms attached to it.
  • If it is has a dual-pitched roof, the wooden car garage can’t exceed the maximum total height of 4 meters and the maximum eaves height is 2.5 meters.
  • When built within 2 meters of the boundary of the main house, the wooden garage can’t exceed 2.5 meters in height.

In the case of Listed Buildings, it isn’t allowed to build any outbuildings on the property and the grounds surrounding it. Also, if your property belongs to the category National Park, conservation areas, areas of national beauty, or world heritage sites, you will have to ensure that your wooden car garage complies with certain rules.

According to these rules, you cannot build a garage that is larger than 10sq. meters in total if it is being placed less than 20 meters away from an outer wall of the property.

It is important to mention that building planning isn’t an exact science and there is no precise formula. Each situation is different and there can be exceptions, so it’s always wise to check with your Local Planning Authority before you have your outbuilding installed.

How much does a modern wooden carport/modern wooden garage cost?

DIY timber frame garages are the most affordable and fastest ways to assemble your own wooden garage. Timber garages prices start from £3000. This is the minimum to get all necessary details and components delivered.

Additionally, you need a good and stable base and you may consider our assembly service depending on your DIY skills and the time you have. The cost of a concrete base, including materials and work, is around £1500-£2200 and using professionals to get your garage installed will cost approximately £900-£1250. Taking into consideration all the above costs, meaning that all you do is order your choice of timber frame carport kit and leave everything else to professionals, you can still have your garage built within a £6000 budget.

All of our wooden garages used to have 44mm wall thickness. But within the last 6 months, we have created many similar 70mm wall models – 70mm is much more solid and sturdy, but of course also more expensive.

Do wooden garages add value?

A high-quality timber frame carport kit doesn’t just prolong the lifespan of your car, but it also allows you to store other valuable items such as bikes, tools, sports equipment, etc. A wooden car garage also prevents contamination and damage due to dirt, dampness, and other harmful substances. As a result, the costs of cleaning your car and fixing the damage will be reduced substantially. If you are wondering if a wooden car garage will make your house worth more, the short answer is yes. The added value may be far more than the money you spend on the garage itself, especially if you invest in a high-quality timber frame carport kit. If you want to choose one of the best wooden carport kits UK has to offer, make sure you visit our Devon and Leeds display sites, or you can buy one online from our website.

Where can I find timber garages near me?

If you are searching for an affordable timber garage for sale in the UK, the summerhouse24 online store has it all. We offer the best wooden garages and carports. If you are in the market for house garages for sale and carports for sale you can visit the Summerhouse24 display sites in Devon and Leeds or you can order one of our products online and get free delivery to most parts of the UK. For wooden garages sales and offers, check our website regularly.