Garden Buildings in High Quality


Garden Buildings

Garden buildings tend to become a permanent part of their owner’s daily lives as soon as they are in use for some years. Garden rooms, gazebos and canopies, garden offices, garden sheds, garden saunas, or log cabins: an extra space in the garden, dry, safe, and often times either cosy, very functional, or both will always be welcome to their owners not only to expand the living space that the main house can offer, but also because it incorporates the garden into their everyday lives.

The more you get used to your garden building, the more you are dependent on its good quality in order to be able to use it without problems like necessary repairs, and a sensible amount of regular maintenance.

What is Essential to a Good Quality in Garden Buildings?

As a manufacturer of a variety of garden buildings delivered in general with five-year warranties, we believe there are some main features of garden buildings of high quality should be highlighted here:

  1. Sturdy and highly durable building material
  2. Thorough processing with quality control and a high technical expertise acquired through a long tradition in crafting wooden garden buildings
  3. Simple, yet well-planned constructions
  4. High quality and durability of all moving parts
  5. Cooperation with our customers to deliver custom-made garden buildings that possess all the features that our customers want them to have
  6. The garden buildings should deliver 100% of the functionality that their owners purchased them for

Small ecological footprints of garden buildings made of natural, regrowing materials.

1. Building Material

Our garden buildings are all made from slow growing Nordic spruce. This timber is quite different from spruce as it grows in the UK or in Central Europe. Northern countries with short summers are the natural habitat of spruce species, and it is here that they show their natural growth rates which lead them to produce a finely grained, very sturdy, durable, yet quite lightweight timber that has originally been widely used to construct saunas from it because it could cope with these conditions of changing temperatures and conditions from wet to dry that well. Later it proved its suitability for garden buildings as well.

2. Proper Processing

Our timber is generally always carefully and slowly kiln-dried to 18% water-content before we process it further. We found 18% to be an average value occurring for temporized garden buildings in the UK.

By processing pre-dried timber, we assure that there will be no settling in the first years after the construction, and any modulation of the timber in response to different weather conditions, heating, moisture and so forth will be minimized.

In our factories we use computer-aided machinery that enables very exact standards, and, of course, we have also established a quality control and measurement system for our products.

3. Simple, Yet Well-Planned Constructions

For our garden buildings we strife for constructions as simple as they can be to fulfil their purposes. Our garden buildings are mostly constructed as log cabins, a very traditional and simple construction method yielding extremely stable products with very little means. Garden buildings in log cabin construction do not even need any screws, nails, or other technical metal reinforcements. Their stability originates in their sophisticated wood-joints. These make them also easy to erect and the missing iron components are good maintaining the exceptional natural thermal insulation capacities of the building material.

Still we make no compromises when it comes to functionality of our garden buildings. For all inhabitable log cabins and generally for all garden buildings with wall thicknesses of 40mm or more, we offer double tongue and groove connections between the wall logs to ensure completely tight and sturdy walls.

4. High Quality and Durability of all Moving Parts

Door- and window hinges, sliding door constructions, locks: all of these parts need to be of excellent quality to ensure customer satisfaction on the long run, and with us taking responsibility for our garden buildings for at least five years, we can say from our engineering expertise as well as from our experience with our customers that our moving parts have stood the test of time and remain functional for many decades.

5. Cooperation with Our Customers to Deliver Custom-Made Garden Buildings that Possess all the Features that Our Customers Want them to have

While in most cases our customers will find a suitable garden building from our portfolio that often times also already includes the choice between different features as for example roofing, wood treatment, number of windows, kind of doors for wooden garages, or the choice between two mirror symmetric variations, we are still prepared to go some extra steps to ensure a 100% customer satisfaction.

Talk to us, and we will get you in touch with our engineering division to see what we can do to build your very own custom-made garden building for you.

6. The Garden Buildings should Deliver 100% of the Functionality that their Owners Purchased them for

This point has partly been covered in the above section 5. However, we also always listen to our customers and often include new functionalities into our regular portfolio like for example extra thick walls for inhabitable log cabins or integrating storage sheds into the design of larger garden buildings.

7. Small Ecological Footprints of Garden Buildings Made of Natural, Regrowing Materials

A small ecological footprint of garden buildings means that they can be produced sustainably from local materials, using regrowing materials, and that they contain as little hazardous or poisonous materials as possible. This is surely true for our garden buildings with our main building material being Northern spruce growing directly at our doorsteps.

High quality timber is the main component in our garden buildings, and that is one of the reasons why they are so popular with environmentalists and nature-lovers.

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