Is a Garden Room Comfortable During the Winter?


Many homeowners worry that garden cabins are not warm enough to use during the cold winter months, so we’re not surprised if you asked yourself questions like: “Are garden rooms warm enough to be used during the autumn and winter?”, “If I use my garden room as a hobby room, gym, or home office, will I be able to use it in all seasons?”, “Will a garden room be as cozy as the main house during winter?”.

We have great news! The answer to all of these questions is YES!

Although garden rooms are not attached to the main house, they are built using traditional and natural materials such as slow-grown Nordic spruce. Wood is an excellent insulator and it has a natural thermal resistance. This means that the interior of a wooden cabin will always be cozy and warm, especially when it’s insulated properly. So, if you thought that building cabins are cold, damp, drafty, or impossible to keep warm, read on. The goal of this article is to change your mind and to show you how easy it is to keep the temperature in your garden cabin at optimal levels.

A Garden Room Can Be as Warm as a Room in Your House

Our log cabins are built using innovative wood processing techniques and are meticulously designed to be as warm and as cozy as your home. With proper insulation, you can consider your garden cabin an extension to your home and a very good investment.

To create a homely, warm, and dry ambiance, our experts use high-quality materials. As mentioned above, garden rooms are made in Estonia using slow-grown Nordic spruce, which is an eco-friendly material that has numerous benefits.

So, if you are worried that the cold winter months will disrupt your schedule and mess up your plants, worry not! When you start to get cold feet (literally, not emotionally) all you have to do is turn on the room heating, just as you do in the main house.

How to Keep a Garden Room Warm?

Keeping a garden room warm is easier than you might think! These versatile structures have become popular external forms of home improvement for a good reason. They are easy-to-install, affordable, versatile, and they can be used year-round.

Read on to find out how to keep your garden room warm.

Choose our Premium Insulation Kits

Before you hit that purchase button, make sure you tick the box to add the Floor and Roof Insulation kit to your cart. Without insulation, a basic garden room can only be used during the warm seasons. But, if you order the Floor and Roof insulation kit and you have it installed right from the start, you get a comfortable space that can be used even in the harshest of winters.

Our garden room insulation kits include all the necessary accessories and components for floor and roof insulation and they are very quick and easy to install. If you plan on insulating your roof, make sure it’s covered with roofing shingles, felt, or other suitable roof coverings. You can purchase these materials from our shop or from a DIY store or construction market that’s more convenient for you.

Important Tip: Floor and roof insulation won’t just keep your garden room warm during the colder months, but they will also keep it cool in summer. So, even if you don’t live in a region with cold weather, you should still consider getting the insulation kit.

Choose a Heating System

Wood cabins are usually associated with the cozy atmosphere created by wood-burning stoves. These are a great option if you want to spend the Christmas holidays in your log cabin, drink hot cocoa, and listen to the crackling wood with your loved one. But, if you prefer a modern vibe and want to turn your garden room into a home office, a minimalistic yoga room, or simply want a heating system that requires less attention, you can choose electrical heaters or gas heaters.

Luckily, there are many options available on the market when it comes to electrical heating systems. Wall panels, radiant panels, baseboard heaters, electric fireplaces, underfloor heating, etc. Small storage heaters can also do the trick; it all depends on your preferences, your budget, the climate, and the available fuel in your location. It’s always best to talk to a heating systems expert before you make a final decision to avoid making a costly mistake.

Garden Room Heating Aspects that Are Worth Considering

Before you start browsing our wonderfully-designed log cabins, take a moment to consider your needs and preferences. It’s important to answer the following questions:

What do you Plan on Doing with your Log Cabin?

If you want to use your cabin as a tool shed or as a garage, you won’t need to put too much effort and money into making it warm and cozy. If, on the other hand, you plan on using your cabin as a garden office, granny annexe, guest room, hobby room, or anything that will have you spend a lot of time inside, then insulation and heating are a priority.

How Spacious do you Want It to be?

If you prefer a spacious garden room, make sure you consider the costs associated with heating it during the cold months. A bigger garden room will always take more time and energy to heat compared to a small one. Also, there might be different heating options available depending on the size of the cabin.

Are you looking for a small garden office? We recommend the Mini Hansa Lounge or the Mia 2 Timber Lodge. We also offer an innovative and eco-friendly product: a garden room made of recycled sea containers.

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