Garden Room

5 Steps to Turn Your Garden Room Into a Home Entertainment Paradise 24.05.2023

How often do you utilize your outdoor space? Studies have shown that more people than ever spend more time inside and go outside only when necessary. There are plenty of things to keep us entertained inside, but getting natural light and taking in the nature around us is essential for improved mental health. One excellent…

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How to Turn Your Garden Room Into the Perfect At-Home Getaway 17.05.2023

Every now and then, we all need a break from day-to-day life. It can become stressful, and busy, and sometimes it can feel like everything is sitting on top of you. In times of stress, we often look for places we can go to escape everything, recentre ourselves, and destress temporarily. Unfortunately, we don’t always…

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Quick Guide to Setting up a Multipurpose Garden Room 03.08.2021

Garden rooms are versatile structures that make it easier for you to have extra space at home. There are many different things that you can do with a contemporary garden room. You can use it as a garden office, a garden gym, a granny annexe, a BBQ cabin, a garden studio, etc. The possibilities are…

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Is a Garden Room Comfortable During the Winter? 24.11.2020

Many homeowners worry that garden cabins are not warm enough to use during the cold winter months, so we’re not surprised if you asked yourself questions like: “Are garden rooms warm enough to be used during the autumn and winter?”, “If I use my garden room as a hobby room, gym, or home office, will…

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Practical and Creative Uses for a Garden Room 23.09.2020

How awesome would it be to spend time in a place where you can enjoy the beauty of nature, focus on your projects, and be close to your family and pets? Garden rooms are viable solutions to a wide range of problems. Whether you need a home office, more storage space, a studio, or a…

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Garden Room Extension – Some Ideas You Might Like 21.02.2018

Bespoke contemporary garden rooms from Summerhouse24 are a stunning extension of your home and garden. Crafted from selected and sturdy northern spruce, designed with a long experience, each  piece has passed quality insurance and is kiln dried to 18% dryness to minimize settling movements after the assembly. Our garden rooms offer a high quality-standard, longevity,…

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Is a Luxury Wooden Garden Room Something For You? 08.01.2018

Garden rooms come in all forms, shapes, and sizes and if you are looking for a garden room for your own garden, you should spend some time to find the right choice that really enriches your garden and family life before ordering one. The first view often goes to the price tag, but it might…

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The Top 7 Uses For Your Garden Room 14.11.2017

For most people, their limited space at home is the most important obstacle to develop their lives, find new hobbies, get creative or simply evolve their pastimes along with their evolving personalities. Living in confined spaces makes people search ways to the outside using TV or the Internet instead of developing their real life. If…

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A Garden Room as a Multi-Purpose Home Extension 26.07.2017

A room in the garden is a great idea for all who need more space to live, but who would face a lot of time-consuming trouble, costs and administrative duties when extending their main house. Some houses are just simply not built in a way that allows uncomplicated extensions, and others have unfavourable locations for…

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