Planning Tips to Consider when Installing a Garden Log Cabin


Planning Tips to Consider when Installing a Garden Log Cabin

Are you currently planning to install a log cabin in your garden or your backyard? If the answer is yes, then there are certain things that you’ll need to take into account. For instance, you’ll have to decide where you’re going to place the log cabin, to pay attention to the zoning rules, to check if your neighbors are ok with it, and to choose a design. To avoid any future problems, it might be a good idea to pick up the phone and to talk to the relevant authorities.

Read on to find out more about the planning process associated with getting a garden log cabin installed.

What are you going to use your log cabin for?

Wooden summer houses are versatile structures that have many different uses. People choose to invest in a summer house for many different reasons. Some need more storage space; some need a garden office, while others prefer to have a multi-purpose cabin.

There are many different options available on the market and you’re going to have to do some research if you don’t already have a clear idea in mind. Once you’ve decided what the main purpose of your summer house is, you can start searching for an affordable log cabin that fits that purpose. For instance, if you plan on working from home and you want to use your log cabin as a home office, you can check out the Lucas E contemporary log cabin with veranda. If you need a log cabin that is versatile and that can be used as an extra bedroom, guesthouse, or Airbnb rental, we recommend the Oscar 3-room garden guesthouse.

What are the building regulations in your area?

As mentioned above, before you purchase a log cabin and start to install it, you should check the building regulations. In some places, the law is more permissive and you won’t need approval from the local authorities to get a log cabin installed. But, in other places, you might have to get a building permit first. If you are not sure about this aspect, it’s best to schedule an appointment with the relevant authorities, check their websites, or to pick up the phone and ask for information to ensure that you won’t have any legal trouble later on.

Will your neighbors be ok with you installing a garden log cabin?

Will installing a log cabin affect your agreement with your next-door neighbors? If you live in a place where the rules are set by the homeowners’ association, you might have to ask for a permit. This permit is different from the one that you’ll get from the local authority. It will be easier to check all the terms and conditions once you know what size the log cabin will be and where you’ll place it.

What does the chosen site look like?

The physical characteristics of the chosen site are also an important aspect to consider when you decide to get a log cabin installed. Take a close look at the vegetation, the soil, the boundaries, and other important factors. For instance, if you want to get your log cabin installed under a tree, make sure you won’t have any branches falling in your cabin or that the area has enough natural light.

If you want to move your home office outdoors and plan on installing a garden office, then you’re going to need more light. If you just want more storage space or a garage, the light might not be so important. The soil can also be problematic, so make sure that it can support a load. Sand, bedrock, and chalk are preferred by builders, but loamy soils work as well.

Where will you install the log cabin?

The place where you’ll have the log cabin installed is another essential aspect. Choosing a great place will allow you to make the most of your cabin. For instance, it would be wise to place it as far from the road as possible, especially if you plan on using it as a home office. If, on the other hand, you want to use it as a garage/shed, accessibility will be the number one priority.

What log cabin design do you prefer?

Once the aspects mentioned above are taken care of, it’s time to choose a design. Garden log cabins come in many different shapes and sizes, so finding the perfect one for you should be easy. All you have to do is browse our website and see which one fits your needs and preferences best. If you like modern architecture and are looking for an office log cabin or a hobby room, you should check out our Barbados modern garden house. If you prefer a more traditional design, we recommend the Large Garden Room C, which can be arranged as a spacious garden office or as a garden living room.

If you choose a log cabin design with high windows, you’ll get more natural light. You don’t have to worry about the temperature inside the cabin because all the windows and doors that we use are double glazed. You can also opt for floor and roof insulation and install a heating system to use the log cabin in all seasons.

Log cabins are great investments and, when installed in the right place, they can increase the value of your property substantially. If you don’t plan on selling your house in the near future, you’ll get to enjoy this versatile structure for a very long time. So make sure you choose wisely. It’s always better to be safe than sorry and to think of the long-term use of your garden house.

Larger log cabins can have multiple purposes, but if you don’t have enough space for one, we have plenty of other options. If you are looking for a small and cheap garden office, our most popular products are the Garden Office Ryan I, which has a pentagonal shape and it’s ideal if you want to place it in a corner, and the Mini Garden office, which can also be used as a garden guest house or a studio.


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