Storage Unit vs Storage Shed – Benefits, Advantages, Disadvantages?


At Summer House 24 we know how big of a challenge it could be to secure additional storage space. Whether you have a big move coming up or need to declutter some of your stuff, we always need more physical room.

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The question is: What fits your needs best?

There is no outright answer here, as your choice depends on factors specific to your particular situation, needs, and property specs.

It pays to take your time and consider the benefits and drawbacks of both storage options, but getting it right makes all the difference!

But first,

Why Is Extra Storage Worthwhile?

Let’s get the obvious out of the way, shall we?

The extra storing room stands for:

  • Less clutter;
  • Hide unsightly items;
  • Playground space;
  • Better organisation;
  • Hygiene.

Storage Equals Less Clutter in Your Life

The obvious reason is to supply yourself with extra storage space for belongings, tools, etc. That’s why clearing away unused items once in a while is always a good idea.

Hide & Store Unsightly Items

Larger objects such as sports gear or excessive furniture can take up a lot of space in your home, and you want to put it away in storage.

Use More Room For Your Playground Space

Use your storage shed, garage or other spare garden room (could be a summer house with shed, too).

Turn space into

  • The workshop that you always wanted;
  • A man cave full of toys;
  • Guest bedroom;
  • Studio;
  • Etc.

What is the point of having a garage if you have to scrape the car for ice in the morning? The spare room can become a nice guest bedroom in case of guest emergencies.

Better Hygiene By Keeping Stuff Out

Keep your home clean, as items used rarely collect dust or smell bad. That’s why it’s best to move it all out of your home. You can either throw things away or keep them in storage.

More Storage Means Better Organisation

Organise and find your items easily and upon need. Instead of piling items up in your garage or attic, you can spend the time and sort belongings into groups. When you have enough room for storage, it is simple to find a place for everything;

Deciding Factors in Storage

What affects your decision between a storage unit and buying a garden storage shed:

  • Budget and timeline;
  • Inability to build a shed

How often do you use the things you store – if you have items that you want to keep close by, then opt for a shed?

For things you use a few times a year, such as holiday decorations, sports equipment, etc., a storage unit is the better alternative. Think twice about what to store there. Self-storage becomes needless if you’re never going to use the items, or worse – if you forget what’s in there.

Budget & Timeline

Your timeline and budget are two of the most important factors to consider.

  • Do you need storage space for a limited time only?
  • How much money could you spend on that purpose?

Inability to Build a Shed

There must be a concrete base for building a shed.

Electricity, insulation, and air conditioning are necessary as well. If you don’t have time to create a level area or your property doesn’t have the right setup, that often ends up in a mess, comment clear-out professionals Fantastic Gardeners. With so many flexible storage rental plans, finding the one that fits your budget and timeframe you need storage for is easy.

Benefits of Storage Sheds vs. Storage Units

A sturdy garden building comes with a number of advantages over your classic rental storage:

  • Convenience;
  • Mobility;
  • Increased property value;
  • Fewer costs;
  • Aesthetics;
  • Versatility.

Storage Sheds Are More Convenient

A garden shed stays on your property. You have easy and quick access to your belongings at any time. Third-party storage units are usually under strict temperature control, which means you can enter only at certain times of the day. But if you buy an insulated garden room, you have it covered.

Garden Storehouses Offer Higher Mobility

If you plan to relocate, you can move your pre-built shed with you. This is a lifetime investment, as sheds are durable and built to last. Renting a storage unit is good for your short-term needs.

Backyard Sheds Increase Property Value

It’s your responsibility to ensure your construction is both sturdy and secure. You might need to make small repairs, paint, and deep clean it from time to time. Don’t forget to check for any leaks from the floor or the roof.

A well-organised and maintained garden shed adds value to your home. Extra storage is always an advantage.

Storage Sheds Come At Less Cost

In the long run, having a garden shed is better than renting a storage unit. You’ll have to pay for the building or purchase one and have it installed. With a DIY garden shed kit, you will save money, but will put a lot of effort into constructing it.

Choose the size of your building wise, because sheds are difficult to expand afterwards.

Even if you buy your shed on a lease, eventually, it becomes your property. Compared to monthly rent, payments leave you empty-handed at the end of the day. If you stop paying at all, you’ll lose your unit and everything inside it.

What is more, some storage units require you to buy a specific lock and pay administration fees along with a security deposit.

Backyard Shacks Complement Aesthetics

A well-designed shed is an attractive addition to your yard. Pick one that complements the overall exterior and the colours of the house.

Storage Cotts Offer Versatility

Customise your shed by adding as many shelves and ramps as you need. You can even turn your storage shed into a playhouse for your kids, a craft studio or a garden office, also known as a shoffice. We offer small garden officeslarge garden offices,

Storage Shed Options

Benefits of a Storage Unit vs. Storage Shed

Professional storage units offer expert-grade advantages, too:

  • Prevention of pest infestations;
  • Security and peace of mind;
  • Moisture and heat;
  • Payment options.

Pest Prevention Risk-Free

Storage units have regular pest control for a range of pests and bugs, so your belongings are safe from infestations. If you live in a pest-prone area, then you must rely on a professional service to keep bugs away from your garden shed and family.

Breach & Security Safe

Take into account three key factors when selecting a storage facility: location, whether units are inside or outside, and level of security, comment professionals at Vivint. Most of the storage units come with 24-hour video surveillance and your locks to keep out thieves. Ask to see the surveillance system to make sure you are comfortable with the guarantee it provides.

With an outdoor storage shed, you take risks. Sheds are easy to break into and unless you invest in robust access control and top-notch security tech, then you’ll have to shell out for it.

Conditions, Environment & Damage

Valuable items such as wine collections, antiques, books, or photographs might not handle temperature change or varying humidity levels.

That’s why most self-storage facilities have climate control. Some of them would even keep your items in the dark. That, in particular, is useful for clothes that lose their colour when exposed to light.

Multiple Payment Options

One of the best pros about storage units is you don’t have to purchase the physical thing. You just rent to use a certain quadrature space for a fixed monthly fee.

With storage sheds, you can either pay for them outright or choose to finance them over a certain period and credit.

Rent-to-own and lease finance options allow you to pay gradually overtime and still own your garden building. Did you know that rent-to-own is not a classic loan, but a kind of rental? Specialised storage won’t need to check your credit background, so you can host your stuff.

The lease-holder remains the property owner for the entire term of the agreement, but you’re in control. If you pay it off in full early, you could benefit from certain discounts. And if you decide to leave, there are no strings attached.

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Do You Have to Insure a Garden Shed?

A homeowner’s insurance policy protects the contents of your storage shed, as well as the shed itself.

Most storage unit facilities don’t offer insurance coverage for your belongings, comment Henfield Storage. They are not required to carry or deal with possessions, so what happens to belongings is your own responsibility. This means that if the belongings in your storage shed suffer damage, then you have to face loss yourself.

Storage Units vs. Storage Sheds: Which One Wins?

First, research building regulations and rules. If you need to pull a permit, expect a small increase in your annual property tax bill. If you live in a flat or there are covenants that restrict shed construction, then self-storage is the only solution for you. Make sure its location is easy to get to, so driving there and back doesn’t take too long.

In general, self-storage is an inconvenient and expensive option, especially if the storage unit is too far away. It will affect your gas expenses, not to mention you might have to borrow a lorry for transporting bulky items. Consider how much time loading, unloading, and travelling takes away from your job, your family, or a favourite hobby couples have.

The bottom line is why waste time and money on renting storage units, when obviously storage sheds are much more beneficial? As long as storage sheds are allowable in your neighbourhood, they are the real winner!

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