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  • Garden Sauna Cabins – Quick Setup Guide

    Our garden sauna cabins are the perfect option if you want to experience the Finnish sauna experience in your backyard. Designed and engineered in compliance with the old Finnish techniques and traditions, our products are top of the line. If you invest in one of our garden sauna cabins you will receive a high-quality product that is equipped with all the essential features such as sauna benches, spacious sauna rooms, headrests, insulated ceilings, stove guards, and wooden floor grates.

    Did you just purchase one of our garden sauna cabins and need some help with the assembly? You’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll guide you through our quick and easy garden sauna cabin assembly process. You can also check out our YouTube video on How to Install a Log Cabin Summer House.

    Important Note! Read our full guide on installing a log cabin summer house before you get started. 

    Garden Sauna Cabins Assembly – Step by Step Guide

    If you’ve never built a garden cabin before and don’t know what to do first, installing a garden sauna cabin can be quite daunting and nerve-wracking. Read on to learn everything about the structure of a garden sauna cabin, how to build walls using tongue and groove system block planks, how to insulate your cabin using EPDM foil, and how to fully install and assemble your sauna. We’ll share a few tips and tricks as well, to make the whole building process as easy as possible.

    Garden Sauna Cabin Assembly Step 1 – Laying the Foundation

    A building is only as good as its foundation system, and garden sauna cabins are no different. Until recently, the only option when building a garden cabin was to lay a concrete slab foundation. This type of foundation is still a very popular option, but it’s important to mention that there are a few other options that you can choose from.

    First off, we recommend choosing a foundation based on the conditions present at the building site.

    Concrete slab foundation – This type of foundation requires removing the vegetation and excavating the ground. The size of the building and the site conditions will normally dictate the depth of the foundation. A concrete slab foundation should be approximately 50mm bigger than the footprint of your garden sauna cabin. Installing a concrete slab is not an easy task as it can be quite labour intensive, so it’s best to hire a team of specialists for this step.

    Plinth foundation – This type of foundation comes with a few compelling advantages: the installation is a quick and simple process that can be carried out by people with less construction work experience, you can proceed to the next step faster because no wet materials are used, it is more eco-friendly and easier to dismantle and discard, it is more cost-effective. Plinth foundations are also a great option for uneven sites as they come with adjustable brackets.

    Ground screws – Ground screws are quite innovative and also have some interesting advantages. It is worth mentioning that ground screws are a new technique, so it might be a bit difficult to implement because of this. This foundation alternative involves a large machine that will drive a few very large screws into the ground. What makes this system so effective and popular is the fact that it works wonders on uneven sites.

    Concrete pile foundation – Another option worth mentioning is the concrete pile foundation, which is a cross between the concrete foundation and the plinth foundation.

    You can find more information about garden cabin foundations here.

    Garden Sauna Cabin Assembly Step 2 – Unpacking the Cabin

    When it comes to setting up a garden cabin, it is important to work in an organized way. So, the next important step is unpacking the elements and sorting them according to their intended use. This will take up quite a lot of space, so make sure you declutter the area.

    Once all the elements have been sorted, it’s time for the first impregnation. This might come as a surprise, but it is the only way to reach all the grooves and feathers that will, later on, become inaccessible. Impregnation is critical for wooden buildings because it is the best way to protect them from mould and wood-destroying insects.

    If you opt for our installation services, make sure that the garden cabin package is near the building site (less than 40 meters). If your cabin is further away or if the moving process is time-consuming and laborious we might have to reschedule and make additional charges. Make sure you give our team of specialists all the necessary details beforehand so that the whole process will run as smoothly as possible.

    Garden Sauna Cabin Assembly Step 3 – Installing the Foundation Frame

    As mentioned above, the foundation is very important because a garden cabin needs to be positioned on a flat, solid base. If the base is not built correctly, the doors and windows might not open smoothly. 

    All of our garden cabin packages come with foundation beams that are pressure treated against rot and moisture, but you should also create some ventilation beneath the cabin. You can do it easily by using plastic risers or something similar between the foundation and the frame and lifting it one cm from the base. If you are installing your garden sauna cabin on raisers or ground screws, you don’t need to worry about ventilation because the foundation frame doesn’t come into contact with the ground.

    Assemble the outer frame and screw the elements together according to the plans and install it on your foundation. It is important to measure the diagonals and to ensure that they are even and match the length indicated on the cabin plan. You will generally find all the necessary info on page 3 or 4 of our detailed cabin plans.

    Garden Sauna Cabin Assembly Step 4 – Raising Walls and Installing Windows and Doors

    The next step consists of raising the walls of your garden sauna cabin. Do it following the instructions provided. The first row of wall planks needs to be screwed to the foundation frame every 1 m along the length and in each corner. On the top of the first row of planks, the screws need to be inserted in between the tongue and groove. Install the remaining walls individually without screws. Check regularly to ensure that every step corresponds to the cabin plans.

    Continue installing the next rows of walls by using the pre-drilled holes and the oak tree connecting sticks.

    For the windows and doors, you will also find detailed indications in the cabin plans. It is usually easier to install the windows and doors once the walls and the roof joists are in place. If your cabin is equipped with sliding or folding doors, you’ll find special instructions attached to your main cabin installation instructions, or you can find a sliding doors installation guide here.

    Garden Sauna Cabin Assembly Step 5 – The Roof

    Once you’ve finished installing the walls, you can start working on the gable elements which may consist of several components. These components need to be fastened together with screws. Next, install the rafters by pushing them into the gaps of the gable elements. It is important to follow the cabin plans closely and, if you opt for a larger garden sauna cabin, pay extra attention to the connecting points. Once the rafters have been successfully installed and you’ve checked that the walls are vertical with a spirit level, you can start mounting the roof boards. Once the cabin has been assembled, you can install the roofing material, but only if the roof is completely dry.

    Garden Sauna Cabin Assembly Step 6 – The Finishing Touches

    The last steps consist of installing terrace boards, floorboards, applying two layers of wood preservative, and starting working on the interior. Building a Finnish sauna cabin is easier than you might think, especially if you have some DIY experience. Follow the instructions that come with our products and you’re all set. Don’t forget to check our blog regularly for more garden cabin tips and tricks.Not sure whether you want to transform your garden cabin into a sauna? Here are 10 advantages of having a garden sauna cabin.

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