Garden Sheds in the UK – Sensible Investments for Most Garden Owners


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There are still some gardens out there that do not yet harbour a garden shed in the UK. Even though their numbers are shrinking constantly, mainly because it becomes more and more common knowledge that a garden shed changes a garden to the better. Garden sheds make gardens of all sizes more inhabitable, they improve the general feeling, make the garden look more cultivated, and they also are an important feature to make properties more attractive on the property market.

With all these advantages, we still have not yet mentioned the practical and security values that garden sheds contribute around the UK. Short ways to the logistical centre of the gardening with all the gardening tools, machinery, and materials at one central place, safe storage of potentially harmful tools and substances, orderly storage of everything needed in the garden facilitates access for the authorized persons and controls access for playing children or trespassers.

Are Small Gardens in the UK Not Suitable for Garden Sheds?

Some small gardens do not yet have garden sheds. Probably because the owners think that they can store everything in the cellar or elsewhere in the main house. However, in many respects small gardens profit from garden sheds in much the same way as large gardens do. Only the range of the machinery will probably be generally a bit smaller in small gardens. Machinery like choppers or moulding cutters might be more often used in larger gardens, so garden sheds for smaller gardens can also be smaller, which is a feature, that comes in handy, because in some small gardens a larger shed would also pose a space problem.

An advantage for smaller gardens is that in many cases the owners will not have to bother about a planning permission. We offer a whole range of garden sheds in different sizes with eaves heights below 2,50 metres to enable our customers to erect their garden sheds without having to apply for planning permissions.

Garden Sheds in the UK Do Not Only Serve as Gardening Hubs

Of course, many garden sheds in the UK are used for other purposes as for example for storage, workshops, garden lounges, play houses for kids, private fitness centres, garden saunas, garden offices, guest rooms, or for professional uses as practitioner’s practices, or workshops, offices, or exhibition rooms for start-ups.

These many usages make up a growing part of these sales of garden shed in the UK, and we have already reacted to this trend by offering a diversity of designs suitable for different usages.

In reality, however, most garden sheds will end up with a mixed usage. An extra room in the garden is simply to practical not to use it in many ways.

For mixed usages, we recommend to rather decide for a larger model than what you actually plan for in the short term.

For the UK, we offer garden sheds with more than just one single room, and we also have garden rooms with an extra shed integrated in order to adopt our portfolio to the customers’ needs for garden rooms with mixed usages.

Finding the Right Place for Your Garden Shed

After you have outlined possible and necessary uses for your garden shed, you will have a range of suitable sizes and designs, and you might start thinking about the right place for the shed in your garden. Consider the following points:

  • Make sure that you can have a proper way into the shed. Where will the way into the shed be? Will you need to pave it somehow, or will you access your shed just over the lawn or through the beds?

  • Consider the surroundings including the height. Branches of trees, small trees or bushes in the neighbourhood will grow larger, and you need to guarantee access to the shed from all sides, not only to ensure ventilation which is important for wood conservation, but also because you must be able to access the outer wall to apply wood treatment every few years.

  • Do you plan to work in the shed? Do you like to utilize natural light in the shed? An open area on the side where the window is placed will leave a space for the light to enter the garden shed. Please also note that we can deliver our models in the way they are depicted or – if it fits your needs better – in a mirrored version. So if you see a garden shed with a window to the right from the entrance, you will be able to order that exact same garden shed also with the window to the left of the entrance.

  • An open or even sunny area will also make wood conservation easier. Very moist and shadowy places will most probably require a more stringent approach to your conservation efforts.

  • infrastructure that you will need! Do you need electricity? Water? Heating? Distance to the house may also play a role if you plan to extend a hot water line for usage as hot water or for an underfloor heating, and when you plan a wireless internet connection into your shed.

  • Garden sheds with modern designs with large window panes are often used as areas to relax, as garden lounges or garden saunas. You might also consider the view that you will have into your garden from inside the garden shed.

  • Place your garden shed where it looks good. These are usually also the places where it makes most sense considering the ways that you need to go for example from the vegetable garden to the shed or from the house to the shed.

Building a Shed Base

As soon as you have chosen a suitable model that suits your needs and wishes, you will have the exact dimensions of your new garden shed, and you can use the period up until the delivery to prepare a base.

There are different kinds of bases possible, and you can inquire with us about the best option for your specific choice.

We have also compiled a manual of how to make different bases for garden sheds where you will find some guidance on how to do it.

If you are not so much a DIY-enthusiast, we can also connect you with local construction companies that will not only make your base but, if you wish, also erect the shed for you properly and professionally.