How to Turn Your Garden Rooms into the Perfect She Shed?


Garden Rooms

She sheds appeared at first as the feminine response to man caves. But quickly enough, helped by women’s limitless creativity and magic touch, they turned into fascinating little spots right in your backyard where you can truly feel as if you’re on holiday. Even though all you did was walk through your back door. So we thought we’d put together a series of creative ideas that will help you turn your garden rooms into the most amazing she shed ever!

One rule, though. No boys allowed here!

How to Turn Garden Rooms into She Sheds

Of course, it all depends on many factors. First, there’s your unique taste, then there are your needs. Think about what you’ll be doing in your garden rooms. Is this a she shed where you’ll be relaxing by reading a book, taking a nap or listening to music? Or will you also work?

Are you going to entertain in this space? Or spend time with your children? Can it also be a space for arts and crafts? These are all questions you need to answer before starting the actual work.

You also need to make up your mind whether or not you want to go for a certain theme. Let’s say English manor, cabin in the forest, 60s retro room, nautical theme, and you get the gist. Or if you simply want to decorate the she shed in a pleasant but non-themed way.

That being said, let’s take a look at some amazing ideas that will make you want to start turning your garden rooms into a brand new she shed tomorrow!

Make the Entrance as Dreamy as Possible

Depending on what type of garden rooms you have, they usually come with wooden doors or glass paneling. But that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate them and make them look like they’re right out of a fantasy.

Add a set of silky and colorful curtains which will make the entrance to your she shed romantic and feminine. In this way, you can feel welcomed and relaxed as soon as you step through the door.

Create a Small Beverage Corner

We’re in love with this idea because it’s immensely versatile. In other words, it works perfectly well for every single type of garden rooms. Not to mention that you can include it in every theme or design you may have in mind for your she shed.

A beverage corner can mean anything you want. A coffee bar for caffeine lovers where you can install a state of the art machine. Go for a French press if you don’t have any electricity in your garden rooms. It can also be a small tea corner with tens of different blends that will sooth you on chilly evenings. Or a tiny bar where you mix cocktails for you and your friends.

Plant a Garden next to your She Shed

What could be better than spending some time in your garden rooms relaxing, meditating, and tending to your garden? It can be a vegetable garden, a flower garden, or even one in which you grow herbs or succulents. It’s all up to you! Store tools as well as gardening books in your she shed that will complete this awesome design.

Shabby Chic Works Well with Wood

Since your garden rooms are made of a superb slow grown Nordic spruce, you can try an interior design idea that brings out the beauty of this natural wood. The best choice is shabby chic.

You can do it yourself, no interior designers needed, with just a few things. Paint all your furniture white for a crisp feeling. Don’t worry if you’ve done a messy job. This is a shabby design, after all. Complete it with floral pillow covers and vintage brass accessories on the shelves.

The piece de resistance, so to say will be a gorgeous glass chandelier hanging from the ceiling that will make you feel as if you’ve finally gotten the boudoir of your dreams.

A Nautical Feel

This is a very common theme that a lot of ladies love. It gives you the idea that you’re far away at the beach instead of in the city. Or that you’re already on vacation in a quiet, coastal retreat. The key lies in the details for this design of your garden rooms.

Start with the walls, which should be planked to make you feel like you’re really in a small cabin on the beach or even in a boat. Add as many sea shells as you can all over the place. You can buy them in bulk online. Or you can actually collect them yourself the next time you go to the beach.

Don’t forget about candles which smell like the ocean and jars filled with sand to convert your garden rooms into a beachy delight!

Cooking in your Garden Rooms

If you want, you can turn your garden rooms into a test kitchen or bakery where no one will bother while you churn out amazing recipes. Or your she shed can be multifunctional and you can use it both as a relaxation booth and as the kitchen of your dreams.

However, independently of the purpose, if you do go for this idea, remember that now the she shed needs to be utilitarian. You will have to furnish it with gas and electricity, otherwise you won’t be able to cook. Go for simple furniture that will create lots of space for you to move with your pots and pans as you work on your favorite recipes.

A she shed is a retreat, a place to relax, and a space where you can let your creativity run wild. In other words, it’s everything you want it to be. Applying the best ideas, your garden rooms can now be the place where you can truly be yourself, engage in your hobbies, pamper yourself, and spend time with your friends!


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