Need an Organized and Creative Desk Space? Here are 3 Useful Tips


Need an Organized and Creative Desk Space

The way in which people work has changed a lot over the past few years. The dreaded Covid-19 pandemic has made a lot of us feel insecure and unproductive. As more and more companies and organizations transitioned to remote work, it almost feels as if we’re right in the middle of a huge ‘work from home’ experiment.

Adjusting to all of these changes can be a bit difficult, and having a correct work from home routine is quite a challenge. If you feel a bit overwhelmed, here are some interesting statistics brought by Owl Labs that might cheer your up. Of all the people that participated in the studies discussed in the Owl Labs article, 77% agreed that they’d be happier working from home even after the Covid-19 pandemics is over. Furthermore, 75% of respondents were just as productive at home as they were at their in-person office, and 72% were less stressed.

Another interesting fact that we’ve learned from the aforementioned article is that working from home saves, on average, about 40 minutes of your time. So, as you can see, working from home comes with many advantages and being productive is not as difficult as you might think.  In this article, we’ll share a few very useful tips that will help you work more efficiently from your home office and that will prevent you from becoming distracted and from feeling uninspired.

1. Choose an appropriate place for your home office

Need an Organized and Creative Space

The first step is finding a quiet corner of your home where you can focus on your work without being interrupted. Not having enough space is a common issue when you first start working remotely. A lot of our clients have been forced to transform their kitchen or their bedroom into a temporary office space and over time, they realized that this was not a great solution. Why? Because they were using a room that their family needs and uses all the time and they were distracted and interrupted very often. In addition to that, people who set up their desks on the kitchen table are always tempted to do the laundry, wash the dishes, or play with their pets instead of focusing on their tasks.

Does the situation we’ve described above sound familiar? If the answer is yes, then we can provide the perfect solution – the modern garden office room. A garden office pod is a versatile and eco-friendly structure that works as an extension of your home. We like to refer to it as a modern solution to modern problems because it can be transformed into anything your need. If you are reading this article, then you surely need some extra space for a home office, but if you ever change your mind, you can easily transform your garden pod into a hobby room, storage space, a home gym, a guest bedroom, a granny annexe, a man cave, a game room, or anything you can think of.

The best thing about a garden office pod is the fact that it is completely separate from the main house, but it still allows you to be close to your loved ones. You get to have a private space where you can work without distractions and where you can furnish and decorate as you like. Our most popular garden office pods a.k.a. eco-friendly container houses are the Eco-friendly Garden Pop-up Hut and the Container Garden Office V-1.

2. Organize Your Home Office

Need an Organized and Creative Desk

To focus on the tasks ahead and to prevent getting distracted by different things from the surrounding environment, it’s important to organize and declutter your workspace. Having a well-organized desk that is tidy will make it easier for you to focus. Clutter and having too many things can make your office space seem smaller and will give off the impression of chaos. There are many ways in which you can make a small space seem bigger, but decluttering should be your number one priority.

Once your space is nice and airy, you can choose a sleek desk, a comfortable chair, and some additional storage. Wall organizers make great accessories in home offices as they can be helpful when you need to organize your desk supplies and your other miscellaneous items. Open shelves will also help you keep your office organized and they will also make the room feel bigger than closed shelves. If you meet clients in your home office or if you spend a lot of time in video conferences, keeping it organized is even more important and it will surely bring you bonus points.

3. Decorate Your Home Office

Need an Organized Space

Now that you have an organized and tidy garden office pod, it’s time to decorate it. This is the fun part as you get to use your imagination and turn a dull space into something that reflects your taste that inspires you and boosts your creativity. Great décor can turn any room into a place where you enjoy spending your time. Not sure where to start? Let’s take a look at the walls first. If you want to maximize the vertical space, it’s best to start by hanging some of your favorite art. Oversized artwork can make the space seem bigger and more luxurious. You can be a bit bold in art and opt for an abstract painting or prints.

Another aspect that’s worth your attention and that can have a huge impact on how the room feels is lighting. If you’ve worked in an office for a long time, you are probably sick and tired of the sterile, cold, fluorescent lighting. The great thing about working from home is the fact that you can avoid these office-specific elements and replace them with friendlier ones. Our garden offices come equipped with large windows that allow you to enjoy natural light as much as possible. Having a lot of natural light in your workspace is ideal, but it might not be enough during the cold winter months. For a productive and well-lit office, add a few lighting fixtures that will complement the space and that make it feel cozy, such as an adjustable desk lamp, a floor lamp, and a flush or semi-flush mount. Make sure you choose high-quality lighting fixtures, as these will greatly impact your mood.

Don’t have a garden office pod yet? Start by checking out some of our most popular products and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us or to visit our Devon display site.


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