Boost Your Career With a Garden Office


Garden Office

A garden office is not as difficult to create as you might think. Basically any kind of garden room could be made into an office in the garden, and there is such a wide choice that it is nearly impossible to not find a solution to improve your current situation. Let’s think a little about the possibilities and the challenges connected with this idea.

The Advantages of a Garden Office Depend on Your Current Situation

If you commute to work every work day, it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to understand how much more convenient it would be for you to take a stroll through your garden to your own garden office, where everything is just so much better than in your cubicle at the company’s than commuting there through heavy traffic every day twice.

More space, more specific equipment, peaceful, relaxing working atmosphere, no colleagues, no bosses to watch over your shoulder. Your main task to achieve this is to convince your bosses that your creativity would be boosted by working in such a garden office, and that connectivity through the internet, online conferences and other means of electronic cooperation would fully suffice in your specific working situation. Why not tell them, how happy this would make you, and if this would not be a good recipe to even further improve productivity and quality of work.

If you already work from home, be it part-time or full-time, the advantages are also plain to see in many situations. Whenever you have to divide a room into different functions, whenever you are easily disturbed by things going on in the house, whenever you feel that your work would profit from an optimization of your working environment, or whenever you know that you could organize your work much better if you only had a little more space – a garden office is the right solution for you. A physical separation of home life and job will bring more clarity to your work and you will establish new organizational structures that will boost the quality of your professional creativity.

Is Planning Permission Going to be a Hurdle?

Whether your new garden office will be an ‘outbuilding’ considered a permitted development, depends on a set of rules that may well differ locally. If you are lucky, your house is not listed in an area of outstanding beauty, or inside a conservation area, you might be able to avoid the process.

The size and the position of your planned garden office are also important, overall height, eaves height of more or less than 2,5 metres, distance from the boundary of more or less than 2 metres, and other things play a role in that, and it would be best to plan your perfect garden office first, and then get into contact with your local planning authority to check if you will need a planning permission or not.

Planning your Garden Office

As you will probably want to use your garden office all year round, it will need a full equipment not only with electricity, telephone lines, and internet access, but it also needs to be insulated and heated during the cold seasons. If you need a toilet, a sink, a fridge or even a shower, if you would like to have a comfortable armchair or a sofa there for some relaxing breaks, and if you would like to plan a multipurpose building that could also for example serve as an occasional guest room, a garden lounge, or a central hub for gardening is up to you. Just be aware that we offer suitable garden rooms in all sizes, with more than just one room, with a shed integrated under the same roof, with a sauna room, with terraces and all in different styles for you to choose the design from that harmonizes best with your house and garden.

So if you will need just a small shed with enough space for a desk, a laptop and a printer, or if you would rather have a room for exhibitions, a conference room, and a building that can represent your growing company well to customers and business partners: We can offer you the right garden office for your needs.

Insulation and Heating

Whatever size you choose for your garden office: When it comes to insulation and costs of heating that are – of course – closely related to the insulation, choosing a garden room with a little more wall thickness will serve that purpose well. Wood is a very potent natural insulation material and thicker walls will also increase security and longevity of your garden office.

One of the advantages of wooden garden rooms is that they can quite easily be equipped and also insulated on your own account if you have just a little DIY-experience.

We have compiled a manual on insulation of a garden office for you and another one on possibilities for suitable heating options for them.

Also, we are delighted to inform you that we will shortly start offering insulation kits for the floors and the roofs of our products to purchase directly with your garden room.