Garden Office will Improve your Creativity and Motivation


Garden Office

A garden office is often the better option for many who are working at home. The tranquillity of the own garden enables concentration and creativity, whereas work at the main house is too often interrupted by everyday stuff like ringing door bells, ringing phones, family members requiring attention or other kinds of distractions.

For the rising number of people working from home, a garden office is the solution to crowded spaces at home, where sometimes they cannot even have a complete room for themselves, but have to make do with just a corner in a room with another additional purpose. One rule to professional success is, to create a quiet space with security and comfort to be able to fully concentrate on the tasks at hand.

A garden office is the perfect solution to many work-related problems

Imagine taking a short walk through your beautiful garden to your own garden office instead of fighting your way through the congested traffic every morning. Find a working environment, fitted to your own needs, expressing your own personality, showing your own style and with an interior design supporting your own priorities in your garden office instead of working in an anonymous office in a company, where all offices look more or less the same.

Find your own space, where you are the boss instead of having to avoid the company of annoying colleagues and bossy superiors at a conventional working environment.

If you look at all these benefits of a garden office, you will not be too surprised to find, that so-called “shed working“ has just this year become the latest bang-on-trend for office space.

While stressing factors are shut off, a positive work psychology can take place. Working without stress-factors opens you up to your work and diminishes these artificial borders, we have learned to build between “life“ and “work“. Of course, work is life and vice versa. To see it differently is a big hint, that we have to improve working conditions largely and a garden office can be an important step in this direction.

What kind of job is most suited for work from a garden office?

In most cases, of course, a garden office would need to have to be connected to the internet and a telephone line in some way or the other. In many cases, a wifi connection from the main house will do, and if the garden office is at a greater distance, a wifi extender is quickly installed. It would have electricity and maybe even water.

So, today many jobs are suitable to be done in garden offices, like jobs that are performed behind computer screens. Most companies have their workstations connected anyway, so it does not really make a big difference, where the computer is located. If you would like to erect your own garden office, just talk about it with your superior. Many companies might be more than happy to spare the expenses to set up workplaces and offices on the long run, if more and more people demand the option to work from home.

Virtual assisting, web-site testing, sales and marketing, customer service, systems analysis, bilingual interpreting, software developing, case managing,  program/project managing, travel counselling, UI/UX designing,  graphic designing, SEO/Marketing,  business development marketing  are just a few examples of the jobs that can easily be done from home.

The fields that employ most home-workers are information technology, sales, education, and administration. However, these are just statistics. There are much more possibilities for jobs that would allow for work-days at a garden office at least for some days per week. Financially a garden office is profitable because of the savings spared for transportation as well as an increase of value for your property of up to 5%.