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How To Move A Garden Shed: Relocating Storage Units Made Simple
07.03.2022 / How To

At Summer House 24, we know whether you’re changing homes, your shoffice, need to redo the landscape, make more space in your backyard or garden,  your neighbours are having issues, moving your shed may be inevitable and you better get ready! First, ask yourself: Is the weather okay? Can you move the shed yourself? How many helpers…

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How to Prepare Your Log Cabin Home for Winter
27.12.2021 / How To

Winter is right around the corner, and, as the cold weather is making its presence known, your log cabin will require some extra attention. The winter months can be delightful and the first snow is a much-awaited event, but it the increased levels of humidity and frost can also cause some problems. If you haven’t…

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Moving into a Container Home: How to Make the Process Fun and Straightforward
09.11.2021 / How To

Whether it’s the van life, the school bus life, or the shipping container life, people are looking for alternative modes of living. Perhaps the result of a rising housing market, more and more people are buying shipping containers to live in, and rather than it being the result of a dystopian future where we’re all…

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5 Ways to Make Your Backyard Sports-Friendly
29.09.2021 / How To

If you’re a sports fan or you have kids who love their sports (or both), why not transform your backyard into a sporting space? Whether you love the idea of playing badminton with the family, want to have a couple of putts to relax after work, or want to surprise your football-mad kid with a…

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How to Make a Small Garden House Feel More Spacious
27.07.2021 / How To

Small garden rooms come with many benefits. They fit perfectly in any garden or outdoor space, they can be used for many different purposes, and they are the most affordable option if you are looking to add some extra space to your home. In addition to that, small summer houses are easier to maintain and…

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How to Keep Your Garden Office Secure
25.06.2021 / How To

A garden office is an outside building in the ground of your property that gives your home some extra space. These buildings are often used as professional workspaces or home offices. These buildings give your home extra floor space and help to separate work from domestic activities – all the more important with a work…

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How to Throw an Awesome Party in Your Garden Shed
22.05.2021 / How To

Summer is almost here and we can finally enjoy some good weather. And luckily for us, the COVID-19 restrictions are more permissive, which means that we can throw an awesome garden party with up to 5 people. A party is like a breath of fresh air after many months of harsh restrictions. Because we know…

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How to Transform Your Shed into a Garden Summer House
22.04.2021 / How To

If you miss going on holiday and you need a cosy place where you can relax and unwind after a long day at work, we have the perfect solution – turning your shed into a nicely decorated garden summer house. Throughout this article, you will find useful tips on how to prepare the shed, how…

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How to Build a Tennis Court in Your Backyard
24.03.2021 / How To

Tennis court construction is an exciting process: you can see how the court is being built in front of your eyes. A private tennis court allows you to extend your training hours and play tennis immediately, just a few steps away from the front door! Besides, a tennis court will significantly increase the value of…

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How to Turn Your 6×4 Shed Into an Industrial Chic Space
26.02.2021 / How To

There’s nothing more enjoyable than decorating your garden shed and making it ‘your own’. If you are the lucky owner of a 6×4 garden shed, you already know how versatile these wooden structures are. They can be used as home offices, guest rooms, hobby rooms, granny annexes, man caves, garden bars, home cinemas – the…

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How to turn your garden building into a games room
17.12.2020 / How To

You’ve taken the plunge and you’ve got the garden building you have always dreamed of. So what are you going to do with it? Depending on the size of the building in your garden it is quite achievable to make this space multi-functional. With many of us working from home more, the and, let’s face…

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How to Set up a Perfect Garden Office
29.10.2020 / How To

If you are currently working from home, then you already know how difficult this can be if you don’t have a dedicated space. Working at your kitchen table might seem like a viable solution at first. However, after a few months of mixing your domestic life with your professional one, you’ll surely conclude that you…

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How to Build Summerhouse24 Garden Room in One Day
23.10.2020 / How To

How to install 9m2 garden room with terrace. See all the assembly stages and get useful tips. We install the cabin on a concrete pile foundation, which is a suitable base for almost all types of soil and any sized cabin, and widely used for sloped and uneven building spots. It is fairly easy to…

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How to Prepare Your Garden House for Autumn
08.09.2020 / How To

Garden houses are great investments that boost the curve appeal of your property and increase its value substantially. They are versatile, eco-friendly, and they make it possible for you to live closer to nature. Garden houses and log cabins are perfect for summer activities such as pool parties and barbecues, but now that autumn is…

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Building a Garden Shed 101: Quick DIY Guide
22.08.2020 / How To

If you are a practical and organized homeowner, you probably thought about building your own shed more than once. A garden shed is a versatile structure that reflects your taste, provides extra storage space, and makes your wife happy as she won’t trip over gardening tools and lawnmowers. Not to mention you’ll finally be able…

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