Customer Stories

Lucas E with veranda and 3x3m shed annex.
16.01.2017 / Customer Stories

If you are looking at our numerous cabins and designs, then it is good to know that you can always request changes to our standard cabins. For example, our customer Graham chose our 9m2 Lucas E garden room with 3x3m veranda, but he was also in need of space for garden storage. Instead of selling…

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Garden Room Eva E with Veranda
28.11.2016 / Customer Stories

Having a cozy summer house gives you the perfect excuse to spend more time in your garden instead of sitting home in front of the TV, PC or video games! By building an Eva E cabin with veranda you can create a peaceful oasis in your garden for relaxing and reading your favorite books, set up…

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Building a Garden Room with Large Veranda and Storage Room
07.11.2016 / Customer Stories

We are happy to share a few photos from one of last week’s installations. The Hansa Lounge XXL summer house with generous 4x2m storage room and large veranda is one of our bestselling multifunctional log cabins. This modern looking log cabin could be a true friend in your garden. Large 4x4m garden room has 2…

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Summer house Sophia
19.10.2016 / Customer Stories

We love hearing from our happy customers and seeing their pictures! For us, it brings the biggest satisfaction and really drives us to keep up the good work and try even harder. We are absolutely delighted with how Jasmine’s summer house Sophia looks on the large wooden decking and very thankful for her kind words…

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Log Cabin Classroom as a Day Nursery
20.09.2016 / Customer Stories

If you are launching a small family business and opening a day care centre then you’ll need to make every penny of your investment count. Jude used a space in her garden and bought one of our largest log cabins- The Log Cabin Classroom building. Her Log Cabin was delivered within 8 weeks from placing…

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Eva E Garden TV Room with Hot Tub
08.09.2016 / Customer Stories

If you happen to have a 3x7m free space in your garden, here is one idea of what you could do with it. Our lovely Scottish customers fitted out a cozy garden room to relax in and used the veranda for a hot tub. The Eva E cabin with veranda can be bought for as…

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The Nora E Summer House Super Fast Installation
05.09.2016 / Customer Stories

Installing a Summerhouse24 DIY log cabin only requires 2 people, but everything goes on at double the speed if you have a team like this. While 2 boys attach roofing boards, another team  gets the terrace boards as well as floor boards installed. In just a few hours, another Summerhouse24 garden room is assembled!

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The Hansa Lounge XL Garden Room with Extended Sundeck
09.08.2016 / Customer Stories

This Hansa Lounge XL Garden Room was installed by our assembly team within 1,5 days. From there our clients took over spending another weekend on the 1m terrace extension at the front of the cabin. With some painting and additional other small details, they have finished their remarkable cabin. We are absolutely astonished with the outcome.

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Check out our super Lucas E Garden room with canopy
03.08.2016 / Customer Stories

This Lucas E garden log cabin can be a perfect fit for even a smaller garden. Our customer created a fantastic dining area under its 3x3m canopy and a 9m2 garden room to make that cozy place to spend time with family or invite friends over for drinks. This modern looking Lucas E Garden Log…

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Hansa Lounge XL as a Sunset Lounge
30.07.2016 / Customer Stories

We are happy to share with you one of the coolest locations that we have ever installed one of our log cabins. This Hansa Lounge XL was installed deep in a forest near to our customer’s summer home territory. With the veranda on the west side, our client has a nice and cozy place to…

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Garden Room with Large Veranda “Eva E”
25.07.2016 / Customer Stories

Thomas just finished assembling his new garden room Eva E and kindly sent us some photos. It took one weekend to build the log cabin and another weekend to finish all the details and do the painting. Summer houses with sliding doors and verandas involve more details and take a little more time but if…

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Garden Office ‘The Mini Hansa Lounge’ delivered and installed
13.07.2016 / Customer Stories

Click here to view more details: https://summerhouse24.co.uk/garden-office-garden-room-mini-hansa-lounge-9m2-44mm-3-x-3-m/ To see full range of garden offices, click here.

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Assembly of a Garden room Hansa Lounge XL is about to be finished
11.07.2016 / Customer Stories

Assembly of a Garden room Hansa Lounge XL is about to be finished and keys handed to a customer. Installation team arrived at the site at 8am and mission was completed by 10pm. It was not the easiest and shortest days for our assembly team, but since the garden party was planned for the next…

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‘The Mini Hansa Lounge’ Garden Room assembly
07.07.2016 / Customer Stories

Asuntomessut 2016, the most prestigious home building fair in Finland, chose our Mini Hansa Lounge as one of the garden buildings to exhibit. That was a great honour for our design team. Now we just have to make sure that the installation will be completed in time for the show opening.

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Installing a Summer House Cabin ‘Paula’ in UK
28.06.2016 / Customer Stories

Paul, one of our delighted customers taking us to sneak peek into his amazing journey of installing a summer house in his garden space in the UK. Take a look into this step-by-step informative journey and plan yours!

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