Garden Summer House

Quick Guide to Garden House Insulation and Winter-proofing
11.11.2020 / Guides

Garden houses are generally marketed as summer houses, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use them all year round. If you’re currently thinking of investing in a garden house, but are worried about the cold winter months, we have great news! These versatile structures can be ‘winter-proofed’ and transformed into cozy spaces for work,…

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10 Excellent Reasons to Invest in a Wooden Summer House
01.08.2020 / Guides

Wooden summer houses are becoming more and more popular as people are looking for new investment opportunities. These versatile timber structures that were initially created for summer use, but now, they are perfectly functional all year round. Having contemporary designs and remarkable cutting edge features, wooden summer houses come with plenty of advantages. Read on…

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How to Throw an Awesome Party in Your Summer House
18.06.2020 / How To

Throwing a party inside your house can be difficult as you might not have enough space, you’ll have to do a lot of cleaning, and you might even end up with damaged furniture. But, you can always move the party outside, especially if the weather is nice. Garden parties are awesome, and they are even…

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Why Is Buying a Summer House a Great Idea?
16.05.2020 / Inspiration

You’ve probably heard that summer houses have become a popular investment, especially over the last few years. If you were wondering what makes people buy a summer house, we’re here to help. There are numerous reasons to buy one and all of them will make your life better. If you were on the lookout for…

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Best Summer House Flooring Options for 2020
12.05.2020 / Guides

Choosing the best type of floor covering and finish for your summer house is a difficult process. Flooring can completely change the interior décor of your log cabin and before you make a final decision, we recommend taking into account the main purpose of your log cabin. Each flooring material has its advantages and disadvantages…

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5 Trendsetting Design Themes for Your Summer House
28.04.2020 / Inspiration

Do you need a quiet place to work, a private space where you can relax and enjoy your hobbies, a gardening hub, or a guest house? Then you should consider investing in one of our multi-purpose garden buildings. Made entirely out of wood, more specifically of slow-grown Nordic spruce, our summer houses are modern, practical,…

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Make it Stylish and Bright: Best Lighting Trends to Incorporate in Your Garden House
05.03.2020 / Inspiration

Most people today lead a fast-paced life and have quite hectic daily schedules so having a personal space at home, a kind of a quiet sanctuary where you can relax and unwind after work is probably the best thing you can do for yourself. When it comes to creating this space on your property, a…

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I Have a Summerhouse with Veranda – How Do I Get Rid of Autumn Leaves?
06.01.2020 / Customer Stories

Autumn is a strong contender for being the most beautiful season of all. And one of the major reasons for the gorgeous scenery we get each year is the falling leaves that change colors as they go. However, as soon as they hit the ground, mud and rain transform them into a nasty mulch than…

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What You Need to Know Before Renting Out Your Summer Home on Airbnb
06.12.2019 / Guides

Your summer home sits vacant for months on end, and you’re considering letting it out on Airbnb as a way of making some additional income. Fantastic idea! But before you sign up as a host, there are a few boxes to tick. Check these considerations off your list before welcoming your first guests, and you’ll…

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DIY Time – 6 Painting Tips for Your Wooden Summer House
30.10.2019 / Useful Tips

Question of the day – is the perfect paint job an elusive dream if you try to do it on your own? Do you really need to hire a professional if you want to paint your wooden summer house or can you do it yourself? Most owners know the basics when it comes to painting….

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Holiday in Your Backyard – Summerhouse Decor Ideas for Those Who Love to Travel
28.10.2019 / Inspiration

Having a backyard in this day and age is a pretty huge thing. Most of us live in bustling cities that are slowly but surely getting engulfed by concrete buildings. Therefore, a backyard or a garden, as small as they might be, are often considered to be a blessing. If you’re also lucky enough to…

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Edible Gardens – What Can I Grow Around Garden House?
14.08.2019 / Guides

There’s much to be said about edible gardens. But the most important thing is the opportunity they give us of growing our own vegetables right in our backyards, next to the garden summer house! As the younger generations are becoming more and more aware of the carbon footprint we are leaving on the environment, edible…

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How to Turn Your Garden Summer House into a Kitchen
28.06.2019 / How To

The outdoor kitchen is becoming a bigger trend by the minute. Wherever you look on the internet or social media you can see the stories of people who have successfully managed to turn their garden summer house into a kitchen. It could be either because they love to cook or bake or because they want…

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7 Tips on How to Turn Your Insulated Summer House into a Guest Bedroom
23.05.2019 / Guides

There’s a new trend in town and we’re jumping on it! In fact, to be more precise, we want to help you jump on it. It’s the idea of turning your insulated summer house or garden shed into a guest bedroom in case you don’t have enough space in the main house. Just think about…

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Some Interesting Facts About Our Timber of Choice for Summer Houses – The Nordic Spruce
21.11.2018 / Guides

From summer houses over garden sheds, wooden garages or garden saunas to large log cabins: We build all our wooden buildings from Nordic spruce. More than enough reason, we think, to eventually have a closer look on this kind of timber, and at the tree that we get the timber from. What kind of tree…

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